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The First Maple International Children's Animation Film Festival

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

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We are North America Maple Youth, headquartered in Connecticut, USA, and are happy to announce that the first Maple International Children's Animation Film Festival was officially launched on January 29, 2021, and we sincerely invite children's animation films and scripts from all over the world to participate and be screened!

According to Fox News, the Clark County School District, where Las Vegas is located, reported 18 student suicides during the March-December 2020 pandemic. From July to October 2020, their emergency services received more than 3,100 suicide related calls.

But the pandemic continues! In order to let the children who are affected by the pandemic experience the joy of artistic creation and have something to look forward to in life, North America Maple Youth, known for its charity activities, decided to hold a charity international children's animation festival! Let the children affected and injured by the pandemic all over the world pick up their digital pens and make animated stories! While passing the time, they can also vent out the potential negative emotions in their hearts. My colleagues at Maple Youth hope that after the pandemic, the young people on this planet will still be happy and healthy, rather than having their life scarred forever.

Xi Zhang, chairman of the first Maple International Children’s Animation Film Festival, said: “After the outbreak last year, I led the children to do many interesting projects, and I wanted to support them through this once-in-a-century catastrophe. In ten months, Bilingual Youth TV, Maple Children’s Podcast, Maple Youth Newspaper, Maple Youth Drama, etc. came into being. Fortunately, you only need to browse the 158 videos made, which include the mid-autumn Chinese performances in August and October. In the English Thanksgiving Gala in November, I know that the children who participated in these projects are more fulfilled, happier, and more positive in life than those who are shrouded by the pandemic. Instead of letting the children guess things meaninglessly, it’s better to set up a higher-end animation platform for them, so that they can grow up with guidance in the fun of creation. This is the best way I can think of focusing on the children's mental health!"

On January 9, 2021, Xi Zhang opened an "animation training camp" for the children. She invited members of the Hollywood Animation Production Company, the Beijing Film Academy Animation Department, Disney Pixar, and other related professionals to teach through the online platform to influence and tap the amazing creative potential of children! As expected, the children were curious about the animation world. They concentrate on drawing cartoons, which might just allow them to completely forget about the terrible pandemic.

The animation training camp is in full swing, bringing meaning to the first Maple International Children's Animation Film Festival! As a public welfare organization, it is our responsibility to help the next generation, because they will become the future of mankind!

The first Maple International Children's Animation Film Festival is scheduled to hold a grand awards ceremony with a Zoom audience of 500 people on May 29, 2021! At that time, our YouTube channel will broadcast to animation fans from all over the world live! We look forward to this cultural festival!

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